22 B2B Video Ideas

When deciding which type of business to business video to create, we consider what we’re producing video for. Is the purpose for generating awareness?, helping through consideration? or aiding in the decision-making process?.

Below are 22 examples of videos that are highly effective and engaging.

Tell a Story

It’s hard to argue that video storytelling is the future of content marketing. Videos with compelling stories can grab a viewer’s attention and keep them watching, immediately highlighting your company’s value. 

Executive Interview

Filming interviews with your company’s leaders and broadcasting their unique expertise on topics will help you build authority within your niche and inform your customers, clients, and partners about topics they want to know more about.  Research shows that thought leadership is very influential in the B2B purchase process, with more than 90% of C-suite execs and decision-makers describing it as important to them. 

“Day in the Life” Snapshot

Providing a window into your office culture and inner workings can be beneficial for recruiting efforts if that is the identified goal of the video. It will also make your business more relatable to prospective clients. 

Gain Visibility at an Event

Videos recorded at conferences or fares can help promote your upcoming presence at an event or highlight it afterward. These videos offer opportunities to engage others in the industry, can be distributed widely, and grow brand awareness.

Document a Company Event or Party

In certain sectors, employees choose which company they wish to work for. When audiences can actually see your employees smiling and laughing together in a natural setting, it’s a powerful indicator of strong synergy and rapport. With this type of video, we can use footage from employees smartphones, edited together so that everyone gets to contribute.

Group Panel Video

Similar to the executive thought leadership video mentioned earlier, this approach invites multiple viewpoints for a more comprehensive exploration of a topic. Set up a group of specialists and subject matter experts (either internal or from outside your company), with a curator asking questions and guiding the conversation. If you can incorporate participants with differing views, and ignite some spirited debate, you can really capture your audience’s attention.

Showcase Diverse Perspectives

Distinct from the group panel video format, this style of video panels experts for a staged discussion. It can collect viewpoints from everyday folks in efforts to gauge general sentiments on a particular topic (e.g., “What does globalization mean in 2020?”). 

Customer Success Story

Video testimonials are a strong, regular, effective marketing tool. they work best in a natural setting, rather than an overproduced, scripted performance. They provide the audience with a concrete look at the work you do, while also enabling your real customers to give their own perspectives on experiences with your product or service. 

Profile an Employee

Humanizing your brand in the eyes of prospects can be very important to certain sectors. Choosing a talented technical development team, for example, can be the deal winner. These videos elevate employees talent and help decision makers trust your company. 

Customer Gratitude

It’s nice to show appreciation and gratitude for your regular customers but feedback shows these videos can generate a lot of goodwill, and strengthen business relationships. 

How-To Video

Audiences tend to find instructional videos among the most useful. Walk them step-by-step through solving a problem or overcoming a business challenge commonly experienced by your customers. At the end, invite them to reach out and learn more or explore your website for more helpful content.

Live Broadcast and Streaming

Live video or streaming is a popular trend, offering an avenue for speaking directly to your audience in real-time. Certain audiences love this type of engagement because it offers an authentic, spontaneous look into the business activities. Streaming tends to offer strong engagement rates

Product Demo

Show your solution in action, show your audience how it works, show the benefits and add a Call To Action. The Product Demo is a B2B video classic and not just for e-commerce businesses.

Narrate a Presentation

This is an easy, quick way of producing a video. Adding narration to one of your company’s most popular presentations it an excellent way to repurpose existing materials while adding insights and opinions that your audience will find useful. 

Turn a Blog Post Into a Mini-Documentary

Choose a high-performing post from your company blog and change it into a script for a mini-documentary. It has already worked with your audience so why not amplify that by integrating visuals and sound to breathe new life into the subject.


Film a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

Most large companies have a section of the annual presentation dedicated to CSR and how they contributing to society. Why not visualize this in an impactful, meaningful way through video.

Showcase Your Workplace Culture

A more in-depth and more high-level version of the “Day in the Life” or “Employee Profile” ideas, providing a authentic look into your valuable company culture. 


Launch a Contest

Hold a competition among your social media followers and kick it off with a video that explains the premise and rules. Everybody loves a chance to win something, so this approach can be conducive to higher view counts.

Host an Interactive Q&A

An open Q&A gives people a chance to asks the specialists questions directly. This generally has plenty of potential for lead generation and relationship building. It could also be considered a webinar-style B2B video.


Record a Presentation

Making a good presentation takes some time and effort so why not record the presentation for wider distribution on social or internal platforms? It is usually not too difficult to set up. Indoor venues with lights, TV or other screens can create digital problems on camera. Good quality sound should also be considered.

Create a Running Series or New Rundown

A recurring series of videos, such as a “Recommendation of the Week,” or a “News Rundown” is an amazing way to attract new business, build authority and drive traffic to your website. It can get viewers into the routine of watching regularly if they find the content valuable. For example, what’s going on in your industry? Produce a round-up of the top trending stories pertinent to your customers, and analyze them in the style of a news broadcast.



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