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Website Content Developer has over 10 years experince making videos for websites. We can make videos with a very small budget all the way to professional broadcast quality videos. In this example we simply wanted to add the video as a reference to strengthen the rich content within the article. Articles with video rank much better than plain text articles. This in-depth article explains just how powerful using video with articles can be.

This video was produced quickly from existing footage and stock footage from Puerto Vallarta.

For a complete list of many different types of B2B and B2C videos see our video page.

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puerto vallarta nightlife
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About this project

All Website Content Developer Videos are edited in Final Cut Pro X with additional motion graphics added with Motion 5 software.

We often include video within the value price of developing rich content for websites or content silos. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. Video does have to be expensive to be effective.

Like with most forms of content the more frequent you produce content the better. However, video is especially “sticky” in regards to traction from search engines. A weekly video will absolutely provide an excellent return on investment in terms of customer awareness, website traffic, lead generation or indeed any other desired metric.