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BCN Cuts Barber Shop

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AboutThe Client

At the time of this social media video marketing campaign, the client, BCN Cuts Barber Shop, were new on the block. The old school hipster barber shop trend was just starting and the shop has a perfect location in Gracia of Barcelona. We decided that to demonstarte the value of a professional men’s haircut, beard trim or wet shave we needed to use video to engage audiences effectively. Video is sometimes the only medium that than show audiences the “experience” rather than just the idea. The objective was to capture the pure pleasure in getting pampered and to remove any possible objectives or fears that men could feel about the experience. So a few different videos demonstrating different services were planned.

The video filming took 1 afternoon and approximately only 3 to 4 hours. Later in the edit, we created 6 separate videos in Spanish and English. The videos were made in different lengths to suit different media channels.


the barbers haircut
the wet shave
bcnwebclips- promo-bcn cuts

About the Marketing Campaign

The campaign ran for just 2 months in the first few months of the barber shops opening. The owner had a small budget which was divided across Google Adwords and Facebook ads. The Facebook response was incredible with bookings made on the telephone almost immediately.

The video example above clocked up 10,000 views over the course of the first 3 months. Since then the owners haven’t needed to boost the advertising or marketing with a steady stream of clients and repeat clients returning to the shop.

Video Means Visibility

1. Video is intuitive. Learning is visual. It’s a visual world.

2. Content and onscreen text are internalized quickly. Simple direct messaging.

3. Video engages the audience instantly.

4. Video has a high conversion to sales rate.