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Guzzo Barcelona

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AboutThe Client

There’s a lot going on at Guzzo. From the minute you walk in it’s impossible to pigeon hole the style and atmosphere of the place. Aesthetically it refuses to be labelled or restricted into just one market and it’s staff actively engage customers and keep the energy flowing and enjoyment upmost.

Then there are three different sets during the day, the long lunch coffee and cocktail afternoon which eases into dinner, drinks and live DJ and finally the club and live music events towards the back for late-night partiers and dancers from all walks of life.

Guzzo is about mixing it up, energy and creativity but they do it in a way that includes all.



About the Video 

Title: GUZZO  – Why do what is expected?

So we decided to make a film that tells multiple stories at the same time, not just the three different parts of the Guzzo day but the multiple energies that are happening at the same time. In the spirit of these concepts I filmed from unorthodox angles and used split screen editing to describe the action and atmosphere of Guzzo. I attempted to blend different moments, fuse different emotions and mix some simultaneous action. We can look at detail from different perspectives, look at experiences from different perceptions and discover events from different points of view.

There’s a lot going on at Guzzo but there’s even more to see !