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Affordable Video Production

Video is key to every content marketing plan. The statistics back it up.

Video Production does not have to be time-consuming or ultra expensive. On this page, we showcase different types of video that can be produced to broadcast standards but that are developed with the audience in mind and provide authority for your business and webpage ranking.

B2B Video

Using video for B2b marketing has a wide variety of use cases and are extremely effective and useful. Examples of B2B videos include product demos, how-to-do videos, customer success videos, and video storytelling. See our full description of 22 B2B video ideas and examples. The process for video production can also be flexible. Quite often it’s more practical for you to follow our simple video filming guidelines and use a good quality smartphone or digital camera. Then we can edit that footage into a professional video. Other times it’s best to hire us to film and edit the entire video.

video production

video production

B2C Video

Platforms like YouTube has reduced the barriers to entry almost to nil and as a result, we have seen video marketing content explode in popularity and sophistication. For us, video content marketing offers the greatest ROI especially since it allows marketers to connect with web and mobile customers, across websites, social media, and apps.

All sectors of business can adopt different strategies to leverage the power of video. The retail sector, for example, are using interactive “click-to-buy” components to engage brand content,  and increase promotion conversions.

In general, 60% of consumers will engage online videos and watch them. Let’s talk about how to use video marketing to build brand authority, engage consumers and ultimately drive sales?

Video Production Process


Define objectives, platforms, keyword research, and Video SEO characteristics.


Follow our detailed step-by-step guide for in-house video filming or use our network of videographers


Website Content Developer edits all video material to ensure all standards are kept and consistent with the brand, website aesthetic, marketing strategy, and timeline.


Deployment, tracking, video analytics, and reporting.

Service Includes

Video Content Planning

Video Content Strategy

Pre-production guides and best practices

File transfer integration

Video SEO

Video hosting, analytics and reporting

Professional Editing and animation

Logo animation

Video Monitization

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