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Article: Sayulita Business Rental Opporunity

AboutThe Client

Copy Writing is content which is aiming at increasing brand awareness by informing the reader about a topic, product or idea. In the linked example above, the subject is a property investment in Sayulita, Mexico.  The article explains how to use a property investment as a rental business for return on investment.

This article is one of series of articles that we developed for Punta Sayulita Mexico. The client requested a thorough article that gives an overview of the sector, the legal obligations involved, a case study with an existing entrepreneur to show a real-world working example and as much multimedia elements as possible. This article was also used as part of the monthly subscription updates for the website.


About this copy writing project

With so much information to be condensed, we linked directly to different internal articles to detail important information like the legal requirements and we linked to many authority links like The Guardian and Huffington Post to add context and perspective.  We added an image slider to show the quality and beauty of the property, an infographic about the rental business, a case study and interview with a rental property owner and a video.

After publication, the article performed very well for a new website. Analytics showed a longer engagement time spent on the website as people opened and read the article. Interestingly, we received multiple compliments from the sales director as she had got feedback from the salespeople about how the article helped them to explain the different aspects of the business in a clear manner. Although this was an unplanned effect, it got us thinking about how many different ways copywriting can be used.

Our process starts with research which then structures the layout. In this case, we didn’t want the article to be massive, it must be the correct length for people to scan upon opening or save for later if they don’t have time. The linking is clear and provides useful information. This is another important factor is earning backlinks.

For the paragraph structure, we used Google suggested search questions as titles (h2 & h3). The paragraphs are not long and are interspersed with quality images and attractive elements. At Website Content Development we love statistics. Stats can be hard to consume, so we find the best way to engage people with statistics is with infographics. In a way, they make important and useful information quicker to absorb and they also have a higher possibility to earn backlinks. Each infographic should include a link to your webpage, both visually in text and within the metadata, to ensure credit is given to the content owner.

Now more than ever adding video to articles can dramatically increase traffic to your website. See more information on the Video Marketing case study.