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Website: Suite Marine

AboutThe Client

Suite Marine is a yacht and boat rental platform in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a popular vacation destination and at certain times of the year accomadation space is difficult to find. Suite Marine offers overnight stays from a selection of boats and yachts docked at Marina Vallarta in the centre of the city.

The client needed a robust efficient website with multiple uses. Visually driven, E-commerce, blog, social integration with a focus on organic keyword growth. In the beginning, there was no media or content so we started from zero with branding and logo kits.

This project offers many new challenges as it is a new business in the area, new concept for consumers to consider in a competitive tourism sector.

THINGS to do
Puerto vallarta surfing guide

About this project


We used the WordPress platform on a private server. We use Litespeed Cache for faster response times.

A considerable amount of time was spent on keyword research to position the website with the correct people doing the correct activities. For organic keyword growth, we decided to build a content silo. The silo has 1 main keyword and 25 associated keywords that link to the main “directory” so that each page or article can interlink and connect traffic.

The website build, collection of content, images, photography, and video took 3 months to complete. After just a few months the Suite Marine project started to rank for the main keyword and associated keywords through the content silo. The aim now is to push for multiple page 1 results and start building other silos associated with the sector.

The ROI for this website is in the conversion of traffic to paid customers staying overnight on the boats. This type of project needs 6 to 12-month strategy and a steady commitment from the business owner. Organic keyword growth and public awareness for a new concept takes time to develop but after just 6 months in we have already achieved proof of concept.